Freedom Method
Transformation Program

Regain Strength & Find Freedom on Your Schedule

I have a 12-week coaching program designed to help men regain their strength & find their freedom so they can live an abundant life.

It works because it’s a sure-fire combination of mindset, nutrition, and movement based on my background & experience as both a coach and disciple-maker. We focus on all the areas necessary to balance your energy for a lifetime.

This program is different from everything else you’ve tried because it is designed to work around the busy life of a dad. Unlike other programs that only focus on diet & exercise, we pay particular attention to applying Christian principles that change your mindset & grow you spiritually. You’re destined to return to your old ways without a changed mind & renewed spirit. And we get results without the gym or taking away your favorite foods.

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Our Method

Our method gives you everything you need for success: mindset, nutrition, and movement. Most coaches will focus on nutrition, exercise, or a combination of the two. But they leave out the lynchpin, which is focusing on your thinking.

The Freedom Method gives you the 3F’s of Freedom. These are the pillars of our program.

The Foundation Freedom Method

As important as nutrition and fitness are, mindset and behavior change are the most important keys to weight loss and keeping it off for good. When you remove your old ways of thinking & replace them with better habits, you have the keys to lasting change. And when that happens, it’s no longer a quick fix; it becomes a way of life. That is why we focus on this as the foundation of our coaching program.

The Food Freedom Method

The second key to our program is focusing on nutrition, which is how we will fix your broken metabolism. We do this by teaching you how to eat better while crafting a food program that is unique to you. And we do this without counting calories or weighing your food. You live in the real world, and it’s not always convenient to pull out an app to track what you ate. That is why we teach you methods you can use in any situation. And there are no “bad” or “good” foods. Eat what you enjoy and still lose weight.

The Fitness Freedom Method

The final component is a unique exercise program that doesn’t require a gym membership or expensive equipment. With resistance bands, we empower you to work out anytime and anywhere life takes you. Not only will you build muscle and burn away fat, but you’ll also do it in a way that doesn’t hurt your joints or leave your body feeling sore. It’ll become your favorite way to work out!

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