A New Kind of Ministry – Episode 1

Welcome of the first episode of the Freedom Zone podcast.

I’m a Christian, husband, and father. I’m a preacher of the good news of Jesus Christ. I’m also a health & fitness coach.

In this video, I talk about how my ambitions are transitioning from one form of ministry into something altogether new. I share how my theology has shaped my worldview and how I now approach the health & fitness industry. If you didn’t know how faith & fitness could be connected, you’ll learn how in this video.

You’ll also get a full back-focused resistance band workout, using several variations of rowing.

Give it a watch & give it a listen.

Purchase your own resistance bands – https://rbt.isrefer.com/go/RS/a2580/​

Download the Seconds Pro app – http://www.intervaltimer.com​

Download the timer for this workout – https://bit.ly/3HYNtaw

Music generated by Mubert https://mubert.com/render