Workout of the Week #1

Welcome to the new weekly workout series from Freedom Zone Fitness! Each week we bring you a new resistance band workout that you can do anytime, anywhere.

As this is our first video, there’s a good bit of introductory material talking about the bands we use and how we program our workouts. So, there are timestamps below so you can quickly jump ahead to the part that’s of interest to you or if you want to get right into the workout. And we also make sure to demonstrate all the exercises so you can do them properly without injuring yourself. I promise, future workout of the week videos won’t be this long!

  • Types of resistance bands – 0:50
  • Timed workouts – 1:44
  • Workout overview – 3:58
  • Exercise walkthrough – 5:00
  • Workout demo – 11:46

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